CARROLL, Iowa — Two would-be home burglars, dressed in hooded all black attire, decided that what they really needed to disguise themselves with was a mask of some sort to cover their faces. While it’s still uncertain which of the criminal masterminds came up with the brilliant idea, they both decided that in order to keep anyone from recognizing them, it was best to hide their faces by drawing a mask on them — with a permanent Magic Marker pen no less!

   After a witness did, in fact, see them trying to break into an apartment and called police, the disrupted criminals took off. The witness described the dynamic duo as having painted masks on their faces and also gave police a description of their getaway car.

   Our brilliant criminals, who were as much a failure at committing burglary as they were at hiding their identities, were pulled over a short time later by an alert police officer who came upon their vehicle which just so happened to match the description of the burglary suspects’ getaway car.

Magic Marker Bandits

"Gee, is there a problem officer?"

   Here’s the problem with the Einstein Bandits’ plan. First, they attempted to burglarize an apartment in full view of witnesses. Second, they parked out front. And lastly, in what will surely go down in the annals of stupid criminal history, they used a permanent marker to draw the masks on their faces. D’oh!

   The police officer had no problem identifying the stupid criminals — they were still wearing their permanent masks! Both were immediately taken into custody and booked for attempted second degree burglary. Their mugshots tell the story best.

   The stupid twosome were released from police custody after each posted bond.

   Caveat: Next time read the label.

For the record:

   The true names of the dumb criminals, “Catman” age 23 and his partner in crime “Robbin'” age 20, have been withheld to protect their parents and teachers from further embarrassment.