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    Because we value our privacy as much as you do yours, AnnoyingStuff.com does not actively collect any personally identifiable information from you, except that information which is disclosed below and in those instances such information is collected only for use with our website.

    When a visitor sends an e-mail to us or posts a comment about one of our articles, we will only use that person’s first name and intial of their last name for privacy purposes, e.g., John D. or Mary J. For even more privacy, we allow visitors to select a nickname of their choosing or the ability to choose to have their comment posted as “anonymous.”

    Under no circumstances will we post someone’s e-mail address unless that person specifically requests it or they have embodied within their comment for others to openly contact them (our moderators may even remove that at their discretion).

    AnnoyingStuff.com does not send unsolicited e-mail (spam) nor does it sell or rent its visitor’s information, which includes e-mail addresses, to anyone.

    The safety of children surfing the Net is of great importance to us at AnnoyingStuff.com. As such, AnnoyingStuff.com does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children of any age. In addition, AnnoyingStuff.com has fully complied with the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 as well as the recommendations regarding the same as published by the Federal Trade Commission.

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