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Are UFOs Real? And Are We Being Visited By Aliens?

October 22nd, 2009 4 comments

   I have always been intrigued by UFO sightings and reading the witness reports surrounding them. What exactly is a UFO? As most already know, UFO is an acronym for “Unidentified Flying Object.” It is due mostly to movies and the media that UFOs have become almost synonymous with flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings from other planets but the name implies nothing of the sort. It’s an object; it’s flying; and it’s unidentified. That’s not to say that an extraterrestrial piloting a flying saucer couldn’t qualify as a UFO but then again so could a homemade experiential aircraft.

   On the topic of UFOs, I, like many, became curious about the infamous “Phoenix Lights.” In case you were in a coma in 1997, the Phoenix Lights was an incident that occurred over the City of Phoenix, Arizona, and was one of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded, with more than 200,000 people reportedly seeing the mysterious lights. As chance would have it, the Hale-Bopp Comet was scheduled to make an appearance in the night sky over Phoenix that night which is why so many people ended up seeing the lights. Not since the Roswell incident fifty years before, did UFOs garner so much attention.

Phoenix Lights

Mysterious Phoenix Lights

   Recently, I began a layman investigation into the infamous Phoenix Lights. My quest was not to prove or disprove the existence of visiting alien life forms to Earth but rather because of the reported size of the UFO, many reports put it at over a mile wide, that if such an aircraft did in fact exist, I was of the opinion that it would most definitely be military in nature which prompted the question that I had swirling around in my head — Where would or where could the government hide it? The Arizona desert would be about the only place in the nation that one could conceivably hide it. In order to avoid prying eyes, it would need to be underground and out of sight. It would also require a site without a lot of movement, traffic or buildings up above which would attract attention out in the middle of nowhere, just like what caused the discovery of the once secretive Area 51 some distance to the north in the Nevada desert. That would be one big underground hangar which would also need an entry ramp to allow the aircraft to be moved into its underground lair or a massive hydraulic system the likes no one has ever seen before. The more I thought about it, the more I felt it unrealistic.

   Even so, after reviewing many of the witness statements surrounding the Phoenix Lights and seeing the many different videos shot by the people who happened to remember a video is worth a thousand words, I came to the conclusion that the lights were nothing close to being out-of-this-world. While there are many who make a convincing argument as to the unearthly’ism of the event, my conclusion is based upon the facts as we know them to be rather than as assumed, and more importantly my conclusion is based upon the logic set forth by William Occham (c. 1285–1349) who drafted the principal we know today as “Occam’s Razor” which states, in its most basic form that:

The simplest answer is usually the correct answer.

   The facts surrounding the Phoenix Lights, as we know them to be, are these:

     (1) A squadron of A-10 Warthogs (Tank Busters) out of New Mexico were over the area. This squadron of military jet aircraft were flying at a high altitude in a military V formation. This has been confirmed by not only the military and ground crew but by civilian eye witnesses, one of which was an amateur astronomer in Phoenix who saw the lights in the V formation and, just as everyone else, thinking they were odd looking, turned his 60x telescope towards the lights and revealed to his mother standing next to him that they were “just planes.”

     (2) A viewing of the available amateur videos filmed the night of the incident shows the lights flickering and appearing in more of an rounded arc rather than a strict V formation. A rounded arc is in complete line with an aircraft dropping a group a military flares while engaged in a wide sweeping turn — just as the military said had happened. Military flares, or any flares for that matter, have a tendency to “flicker” when the wind hits the burning magnesium contained in the flare, much like a candle will flicker in a breeze.

   What we know for certain is that the V formation of lights (the squadron) actually happened PRIOR to the appearance of the lights over the city (the military flares), thus, making the event known as the “Phoenix Lights” to be two separate incidents that, with no small help from the media, have been reported the two as a single event. In fact, the two incidents happened hours apart from one another.

   After you shave away all of the unknowns, the unnecessary and the unprovable, you come right back to Occam’s Razor: “The simplest answer is usually the correct answer.” No trickery. No secret aircraft. No flying saucer. No invasion from Mars. The Phoenix Lights were nothing more than ordinary military planes doing what military planes do — fly in formation and drop flares.

   I had to mention all of that in order to get to the point I wanted to make. Are aliens really visiting Earth?

   Scientists have long stated that, of the billions of planets out there, it is very probable that life would be found to exist outside of our own solar system. Remember, each star you see in the sky at night is a sun just like our own which, again like our own, invariably has planets orbiting around it. But to say that life may exist is not to say that it’s life like you and I would assume it to be, i.e., humanoid, walking upright and intelligent. To the contrary, life outside of our own solar system could just be bacterial in nature. It could be made of energy. It could silicone based rather than carbon based like mankind is. It could be well advanced of us or millions of years behind. But those are all assumptions.

   While we are working under assumptions for the moment, let’s assume that there is a planet out there in the cosmos that is home to a highly advanced civilization of, for a lack of a better word, aliens. Let’s assume further that they became curious about our blue colored planet and decided to look into paying us a visit. Being highly advanced, they would likely send a probe of some sort to check things out before putting one of their own lives into harms way. Now were getting near the point that I wanted to make. Imagine what kind of information that their probe would send back to them. 75% of the planet is covered by water. Weather formations all over the planet spewing lightening into the heavens. Many of the inhabitants are fighting with each other. Disease and famine running rampant. More important than all of that, thinking as if this was a scientific endeavor and a safe visit was their utmost concern, one would have to consider the Earth’s defensive shield. What shield you ask? Well, that’s closer to the point that I wanted to make.

   Unknown to many on this planet, for years we have been putting one satellite after another into orbit around the Earth. When first sent into orbit, each of these satellites was made to serve a specific purpose and were designed to operate for a pre-determined number of weeks, months or years and at the end of which, they were simply abandoned. Abandoned? Yes abandoned. They didn’t just float off into space or fall back to Earth with a parachute. They are still there, circling the Earth as “space junk.”

   If you had to make a guess right now, how many satellites would you say are up there right now orbiting above us? Go ahead. Think about it … I’ll give you a moment.

   Have a number in your head? Well, the actual number is 15,713. Imagine that. 15,713 objects the size of a car just circling somewhere overhead. Now here’s the craziest part of all of that, only 918 of those satellites are operational — the rest are dead. All of that junk floating around up there just waiting for its orbit to decay so that it can re-enter our atmosphere and whatever part of it doesn’t burn up on re-entry can fall smack dab on top of our heads. Maybe you’ll recall “Skylab,” a space platform abandoned in 1974 that unexpectedly fell back to Earth in 1979, spewing debris over the Western half of Australia (causing one Aussie city to levy a $400 fine upon NASA for littering).

   15,713 objects circling the Earth in different orbits. Some north to south, others east to west. Some horizontal, some vertical, others diagonal. That’s a lot of stuff, flying around in all different directions, not to crash into. An absolute maze of flying debris. Did you ever wonder why the Space Shuttle has scheduled launches and if it’s launch time is missed, it’s usually re-scheduled for days, sometimes even weeks later? It’s because it has a pre-determined route through an opening in the debris field. You can’t just send a rocket into space and hope that one of these rogue satellites doesn’t crash into it.

   Just to give you an idea of the numbers of satellites that are up there, I have created a picture to help show the enormity of the situation.

Satellites Orbiting Earth

   Each of those tiny gray dots is a satellite out there somewhere. But that’s not so menacing you say. You’re right. It just doesn’t have the impact I was looking for in order to make for my point. Let’s zoom in for a closer view.

Satellites Orbiting Earth

   Now we’re talking. From this view, the Earth looks more like a beehive surrounded by angry bees protecting their honey. Imagine. Each of those satellites speeding around at some 17,000 miles per hour and all traveling in a different orbit and direction from the others. Crisscrossing the skies above Earth, these things are whizzing by over our heads completely unnoticed by us down below.

   Now imagine that some alien probe has just sent pictures back to its creator and some alien is viewing these pictures for the very first time. Now imagine that they actually brush aside the fact that there are swarms of satellites orbiting Earth and come to pay us a visit anyway. How would they traverse space into our atmosphere? Would they even attempt such a risky maneuver? Remember, they’re alien. They don’t know whether or not these orbiting satellites are some kind of defense system put up there by the inhabitants of the planet to guard against such visits or perceived attacks. Looking at those two pictures, why on Earth would any alien even want to attempt visiting when the risk is so high? They wouldn’t. And that’s my point.

   While aliens might very well exist — they aren’t visiting us!

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