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Lottery Hoax Causes Riot and Looting

October 15th, 2009 No comments

   What do you do if you win the lottery? You buy everyone gifts of course.

Linda Brown

Wannabe lottery winner

   Linda Brown was no exception. Arriving at a Burlington Coat Factory in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, in a rented Hummer limousine, Brown entered the store and announced that she had won the lottery (over a million dollars) was going to pay for everyone’s purchases up to $500.00 each.

   Needless to say, everyone in the store got on their cell phones and began calling every friend and relative on their contact list and telling them to get down to the store ASAP that some crazy lady was buying everyone gifts. Crazy indeed. So large were the throngs of people, that the police had to be called to help with crowd control.

   As it turns out, Ms. Brown hadn’t won the lottery, in fact, she didn’t have any money at all. When shoppers inside of the store learned that they had been hoodwinked, pandemonium and chaos ensued. People began throwing merchandise and tearing up the store while others pushed their way out of the store with merchandise they say was promised to them.

Rioting breaks out at Burlington Coat Factory after lottery hoax

Rioting breaks out at Burlington Coat Factory after lottery hoax

   At one point Brown said that she was going to the bank to get money to pay for the purchases and left the premises. For some unknown reason, she returned to the chaos before leaving again.

   After the dust had settled, witnesses said it looked like a hurricane had ripped through the store.

   Ms. Brown was arrested only after when the limousine driver figured that he wasn’t going to get paid himself and called the police on her.

   Sadly, Ms. Brown has a history of mental illness but it’s nice to know that the power of one’s word is still alive and well in America.

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