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Forget Santa, Don’t Anger Mom!

December 8th, 2006 No comments

    ROCK HILL, South Carolina — A local mother here had her 12-year-old son arrested after he opened one of his Christmas presents early.


    The boy’s great-grandmother had wrapped the Christmas present, a Nintendo Gameboy, and placed it under the Christmas tree telling the boy not to go near it. I guess the temptation and the anticipation of Christmas was just too much for the boy because the next morning his great-grandmother discovered the present had been opened and the Gameboy missing from its box. The great-grandmother called the boy’s mother who then confronted the boy about the missing present. True to 12-year-old form, the boy denied having any knowledge of the missing gift. After her interrogation was getting nowhere, the frustrated mother threatened to call the police if the boy didn’t come clean and produce the gift. In view of mom playing the “police card,” the boy confessed and then went into his room and emerged with the pilfered Christmas present.

    Now, one would think that a month’s restriction or some other punishment would end this story. To the contrary. After the Gameboy was relinquished to his mother, she STILL went ahead and called the police and had her son arrested contrary to her statement which proferred the boy’s confession. The Rock Hill Police took the 12-year-old into custody, booked him for petty larceny, and released him that same day back into his mother’s custody. “We wouldn’t hold a 12-year-old,” said Lt. Jerry Waldrop of the Rock Hill Police Department.

    The mother told the arresting officers that her son was a troublemaker, had been kicked out of school, and recently even assaulted a police officer for which he had a court date pending. She further advised them that she has simply had it with the boy.

    The moral of this story — Don’t say anything without an attorney present, and for God’s sake never confess!

For the record:

    It seems the Christmas spirit has been delayed in getting to the Rock Hill area due to weather.

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