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Most Annoying Phrase: “Whatever” Reigns Supreme

October 8th, 2009 No comments

   We all have those quirky little sayings that use in our daily conversations with one another. But which saying annoys people the most?

   In the latest Marist Poll, the phrase “Whatever” easily won as the most annoying thing that people say. Almost half of those polled (47%) said “whatever” annoys them the most. Coming in second, with 25% of the votes, was the forever enlightening “you know.” In third place, 11% of those polled said that the carefree “it is what it is” ruffled their feathers the most. Closely behind in fourth place, with 7% of the votes, was the always expressive, “anyway.” Rounding out the survey and coming in fifth place was the phrase, “at the end of the day.”

Most Annoying Things People Say (2009, Marist College) :

  1.  Whatever  (47%)
  2.  You know … (25%)
  3.  It is what it is  (11%)
  4.  Anyway … (7%)
  5.  At the end of the day  (2%)

   Last year, Oxford University conducted a similar survey and found “at the end of the day” to be the most annoying phrase that people say.

Most Annoying Things People Say (2008, Oxford University) :

  1.  At the end of the day
  2.  Fairly unique
  3.  I personally
  4.  At this moment in time
  5.  With all due respect
  6.  Absolutely
  7.  It’s a nightmare
  8.  Shouldn’t of
  9.  24/7
  10.  It’s not rocket science

   Not mentioned in either survey were some of the phrases that I personally find to be most annoying.

Most Annoying Things People Say (2009, :

  1.  Umm …
  2.  Fine
  3.  Like …
  4.  So on and so forth
  5.  Honestly
  6.  Uh huh (slang for yes)
  7.  Ut uh (slang for no)
  8.  Well …
  9.  Et cetera, et cetera
  10.  Anything spoken by an adult in baby talk

   What particular word, phrase or saying really chaps your hide? Everyone has that one certain phrase that makes them cringe. Drop us a line and let us know what yours is.

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